Josh and Adam's Yosemite Adventure


Day 1: Sept. 24, 1999

As should surprise no one, Josh and I began our trip a few hours behind schedule. We began our hike in from the trailhead at 3:30pm. We didn't quite know what we were getting into when we decided to hike to the top of Cloud's Rest and then descend to Little Yosemite Valley to make camp.


Here's Adam viewing the sunset from the top of Cloud's Rest (11,000ft.). Still have a long way to go 'til campsite.


From the top of Cloud's Rest, Josh and I have a pretty good view of where we plan to hike tomorrow: the top of Half-Dome! Uh-oh.

Well, the view is great up here, but we've got to get to camp which is still five miles away and 2000' down. Does night hike ring a bell? Yep. We hiked fast but didn't make it to camp until three hours after dark (good thing we had our headlamps with us). Dinner tonight is spaghetti and tomato paste. Excellent. Sleep was good.


Day 2: Sept. 25, 1999

We wake up well rested but Adam is incredible stiff. Josh, however, feels quite limber. Apparently, Josh snuck in some good stretching before going to sleep. For breakfast, we tenderly carried in with us six fresh eggs. We scrambled them and ate them over reconstituted dried black beans topped with cheese. Truly delicious. After that power breakfast we are totally pumped up and ready to take on half-dome. After hiking a few miles from camp, we arrived at the base.


 Hum, are we sure we want to do this? Definitely!!!

After a bit of a push, we end up at the last rise to the top. Fortunately, ropes have been setup for people to hang on to; they're quite useful.




When we finally make it to the top, Josh take a peek over the face. This promptly causes his testicles to retract deep inside his abdomen.





In the next two pictures, you can see Adam and Josh with El Capitan in the background...



A funny thing happened at the top. Josh and Adam were devouring their lunch (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Asian pear apples) when Adam noticed a nearby women opening a can of tuna. As the woman proceeded to squeeze the tuna juice out of the can onto the top of half-dome, Adam jumped up and exlcaimed, "Don't do that!" Adam explained and offered to drink the tuna water for her---the concept repulsed her. As he proceeded to drink, several small, furry creatures appeared out of nowhere, converged on the spot of the spilled tuna juice and hungrily searched for tuna thus proving that Adam was more than a mere, raving psycho-naturalist.


...and one more picture of Josh. It's just too good to omit...


After Half-Dome, we hike back down and trek another five-mile plus another 1000' ascent to arrive at camp. This time, we got there in plenty of time to set up camp, cook and eat dinner (a very lovely macaroni and cheese), make a campfire, hang out for a couple of hours and still get to bed by 8pm.



Day 3: Sept. 26, 1999

We awoke at 7am the next morning. That's some serious sleep. Had some grapenuts and dried milk for breakfast along with some nice, freshly-brewed coffee. On our way out, we passed this beautiful lake,


Finished the trip off with some cheese, crackers, nuts and a few beers.


Day 9: Oct. 2, 1999

Major giardiasis attack against Adam. The giardia parasites invaded Adam's drinking water after a clumsy water purification attempt. Adam suffers extreme intestinal malfunction for a week. Moral of the story: when you go outdoors, don't drink the water.