Adam L. Schwartz

Click to see a cool animation of me rock climbing!

You can also see pictures from my backpacking trips.

Read all about it: Adam for President!

We have launched a new business called BabyVirtuoso which is dedicated to early musical and brain development for babies!

Baby Virtuoso’s first product is a CD that teaches babies from 2 to 24 months the musical building blocks they need for future musical fluency. This one-of-a-kind CD uses fun, harmonic hearing exercises to stimulate neural pathways involved in music processing --- just like talking to your baby stimulates the brain’s language centers.

Read my critique of The Case for a Creator (a pseudo-scientific “proof” for the existence of the Christian god).

Here’s a link to my Home Affordability Calculator and commentary. If you want, you can skip the editorial and just download the calculator.

Here’s a link to some of the most important documents in Western Society.

Composers who died young.

My ranking of Pete’s coffees.

Like the number e? Here’s another interesting thing about e.

Here are some of my thoughts on investing .

I love Rachmaninoff! Here’s a multimedia description I wrote about his Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini.

UPDATED 3-5-2005: Bug fixed for PalmOS 5.

Download FalseAlarm for your Palm Pilot. It’s free! No more setting your clock ahead ten minutes: FalseAlarm creates a random alarm clock for your Palm Pilot. The random alarm clock functions like a normal alarm clock except the alarm sounds ahead by a random amount of time. For instance, if the alarm is programmed to go off at 7:00am it may actually go off at 6:54am. The clock, however, will display 7:00am. Thus, you’ll see that it is time to get up even though you may have some extra time to do so.

Although you know there is a random offset and that you may have extra time, you don't know how much. Thus, you cannot compensate for the offset by sleeping in for the extra amount of time. You'll be surprised how effective the FalseAlarm is!

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