Critique of The Case for a Creator


A close friend of mine asked me to read The Case for a Creater, by Lee Stroble.  He wanted to discuss the book with me because he’s a smart guy and wants to know whether the presented evidence for G-d supports his faith in G-d.  As I began reading the book I felt compelled to write down notes.  Finally I decided to write a critique of the book.  Below is my commentary on the first few chapters.  I’ll add more if I decide to continue reading.


Before getting into it, let me state my position at the outset.  People do not believe in G-d because of evidence, they believe G-d because they want to believe in G-d.  If you believe in G-d and use the Bible as a way to get to know Him better, fine, I’ve got no truck with that.  But if you think the Bible proves that G-d exists or that the Bible contains absolute Truth because it’s the infallible word of G-d (as opposed to human writings that are subject to human interpretation) or that there is scientific evidence for G-d, then I say: you’re wrong.  Worse, if you want to impose your worldview on me based on “knowing” that G-d exists and “knowing” what He wants, that’s where your belief crosses the line and infringes on my liberty. 


I start with Chapter 3 because the first two chapters are just used to set the stage and convince the reader that Stroble is an honest broker just looking for answers.  These chapters are irrelevant to the merits of the arguments presented in the following chapters.


Chapter-by-chapter analysis


Chapter 3 is just bullet points.  I got into it a bit more for chapters 4 and 5.


Chapter 3: Doubts about Darwinism


Chapter 4: Where Science Meets Faith


Chapter 5: The Evidence of Cosmology